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Servicing and running the AC Meteor

Meteor 3 car diesel

Connecting the Positive Direction Control Box

Meteor wiring

For the AC Meteor, the Trix Positive Direction Control box is wired as shown. The speed of the Meteor is adjusted by the controller, the whistle is operated by the controller reversing switch, and the direction of movement is changed by the Positive Direction Control.

Press the lever on the Positive Direction control to the left and let it return to the upright position. The arrow now points to the left. Turn the speed control on, and the Meteor will move off, showing a white headlight and red tail lamps.

To change direction, turn the speed control to the left to bring the Meteor to a stop. Press the lever on the control box to the right - the arrow now points to the right.

Turn the speed control up and the Meteor will move off in the opposite direction, with its light changed accordingly.

The whistle is switched on by depressing the black key on the speed controller. A second depression will stop the whistle. The whistle can be adjusted for tone and volume by adjusting the screw shown below. A stop limits the screw in a clockwise direction to protect the diaphragm. Do not overstrain.

Meteor trailer car


Meteor dismantling

To remove the body take out screws 1, 2, 3 and 4. Lift corridor end of body and with a forward movement lift off.
Unscrew brush caps and remove brushes. Turn motor on its pivot and take out screws 6 and 7. Unscrew bolts 8 and 9 to release motor side frame. Continue as standard AC mechanism.
When refitting first place black sleeve over upper lamp. Insert chassis into body, front first, and keep it well pushed forward until the threaded boss for screw 2 (inside the body) is located into its recess 11. Insert long screw 2 and tighten, then replace screws 3,4 and 1.

Cleaning and oiling

Meteor oiling

Oiling is as per standard AC mechanism. Oil at point 10,12 and bearing between brushes on the other side of motor. Axle bearings should be oiled periodically. Do not overoil.

Reversing Relay

Reverser Relay

Reverser Relay Rotator

The reversing mechanism of the AC Meteor is complex. A special relay unit switches the connections to the motor field coil which causes the armature to rotate in the opposite direction. The photo above left shows the relay unit coil and rotating disc. The disc causes the contact unit (above right) to rotate. This unit is very difficult to dismantle and repair.  

Whistle Unit and Relay

Whistle and Relay

The photo above shows the interior of the Meteor trailer car. On the left is the whistle unit. This contains a coil, and a vibrating diaphragm. On the right is the relay that switches the whistle on and off. Pressing the TTR controller direction key causes a 14volt AC pulse which operates the relay. The relay has rotating disc contacts similar to the reverser relay.    

Motor Unit

Meteor Motor

Showing wiring colour code. The wires are connected from the motor unit to the solder tags on the reverser relay.

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