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Valuing your Trix items

If you have come across some old Trix items, perhaps they have been gathering dust in your attic, you may decide to sell them. If so, you will need to be able to describe them to find out what they are worth. Here are a few hints.

The 1950's
Between 1950 and 1956 Trix produced thousands of train sets; these are very common and generally are of low-ish value.
A black 4-wheel tank engine, or a 4-wheel engine with coal tender, with British Railways crest on the sides, in used condition might sell for only 15 to 20 UK pounds. If you have one in unused condition, in a box, then perhaps it might be worth 40 pounds, which is not very much for something that is 60 years old. Note that repainted items have very low value.

BR tank loco
BR 0-4-0 Tank loco

The 1930's
Pre-war, Trix also produced masses of trains, so large quantities of wagons, carriages, and engines are still to be found at reasonable prices. Items in perfect condition in their original boxes are obviously attractive to collectors. Prewar items have wire and hook couplings, postwar have steel couplings similar to those on Hornby Dublo items.

LNER 1st coach
LNER short bogie coach

Amongst all the common items there are unusual and rare treasures. For example, a pre-war 4-wheel tank engine with SOUTHERN on the side might be worth four times the same type of engine with British Railways markings made in the 1950's.

Southern Tank Loco
Pre-war Southern Passenger Tank loco

You should note that track, controllers, and transformers generally aren't worth more than a few pounds. Also, if sending them by post, carriage often costs more than their value. Very rusty or broken track is not worth keeping.

Post-war hand operated points

A 4-wheel engine without a separate coal tender is an
'0-4-0 Tank loco'

A 4-wheel engine with a coal tender is called an '0-4-0 Tender loco'
An engine with a set of 4 small wheels before the main 4 wheels is a '4-4-0'
An engine with a set of small wheels before 6 large wheels and 2 small wheels at the back is a '4-6-2'

Class V loco
BR 4-6-0 Class V loco 

The name of the railway company on the side of the engine is important for determining its value.
  SOUTHERN - green or black locos
  LMS - maroon or black locos
  LNER - green or black locos
  British Railways - blue, green or black locos (a small  
  crest with a lion and wheel)

062 Tank loco
WR 0-6-2 Tank loco in BR green

In differentiating coaches, colour is important:
  'Fake' wood colour is LNER
  Dark red/maroon/plum colour is LMS
  Green with yellow lining is SOUTHERN RAILWAYS
  Plain green is Southern Region BR  
  Red and cream is British Railways (early fifties)
  Maroon is also British Railways (late fifties) - not to be 

  confused with LMS maroon.

LMS 4 wheel baggage coach
Pre-war LMS 4-wheel coach

Pre-war items have coupling hooks made of cast metal with a wire loop. Post-war have coupling hooks made of pressed steel.

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