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2. I will then email to confirm availability and postage
3. If you do not receive a reply in 48hrs, please telephone 020 8977 1802

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Click on each photo to enlarge, then study the condition of the item.

Proceeds from the sale of items will be donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association

During Coronavirus restrictions, I am still able to post parcels. I print postage labels at home, then drop
the parcels at a Royal Mail sorting office (without being in contact with staff) during my daily exercise walk.



Unless otherwise stated, the AC locos have complete working motors: the armature, field coil, and reversing coil are all tested.
Wheels are checked and are not cracked, couplings and buffers are all present.
I can't guarantee AC reversing mechanisms will operate every time due to the significant age of the locos.  
Some locos may have touched-in paintwork. DC locos have been briefly test run

L1 USA Switcher Loco and Tender, kit version.
Working, made-up from kit. 60

Note: this kit was made primarily for export in the early 1950's.
The loco has a special permanent magnet motor for 12 volts DC.
The wheels and pickups are for 2-rail track. 

L2 Southern Railways Passenger Tank Loco, 14v AC 3-rail
Good paintwork and lining, but requires 'SOUTHERN 520' transfers. Original early 'thin' chassis.
One cab step has been repaired (glued in place), and the wheels hubs appear to have been glued to stop slipping on their axles.
(Currently being serviced. Price tba)
C1 LNER Brake 3rd
pre-war 3
W1 Esso Tank
boxed 6
W2 UD Tank
pre-war, replica box 4
W3 Bogie Bolster
pre-war 3
A01 Colour Light Signal
Distant, with switch and centre
rail connector, boxed 10
Reserved RW
A02 Colour Light Signal
Home, with switch and centre
rail connector, boxed 10
Reserved RW
A03 Lit Home Signal
boxed 6
A04 Lit Home Signal
boxed 6
P1 TTR Passengers
diecast 6
P2 TTR Passengers
diecast 6
P3 TTR Passengers
diecast 6
A05 Lit Double Signal
boxed 8
A07 Signal Box and Footbridge
for platforms, wooden,
unknown make, 4
A06 Wooden Station (copy of Manyways)
with clock tower, quadrants, etc 6
Probably home-made. Track not included.
A08 Hugar Level Crossing
very crudely made, adapted for curved track 2
A09 Wooden Signal Box
with tinplate signs, rear has hole cut for wiring 4
A10 Airfix Footbridge
unmade plastic kit 5
Reserved RW
A11 Airfix Platform
unmade plastic kit 2
Reserved RW
A12 Airfix Signal Box
unmade plastic kit 5
Reserved RW
A13 Airfix Railbus
unmade plastic kit 8
Reserved RW
A14 Brimtoy Signal Box
Tinplate, 5
TTR Permanent Way Manual
Various editions, poor condition 50p
X01 1967/68 Trix Catalogue 
X02 Designed For Action 
1950's leaflet 3
X03 TTR Gazettes (1950's) 
Nos. 2, 3, 4, 5, & 7 4
X04 Catalogue and Leaflets
Pre-war and 1941, 3
   TRACK           All have correct connectors, the bakelite has no cracks or chips.             
TF13 Uncoupler Rail,
manual, each 1
TF11 Diamond Crossing 
TF12 Three Quarter Curves 
several available 1 each
(same dimension as points to make a passing loop)
TF07 Quarter Curve
Standard radius 50p each
(eg for points)
T06 Electric Points
with switches and quarters, 10
T07 Hand Points
pair, pre-war 5
T08 Electric Point RH
pre-war 3
TX Crossover
TT Terminal Rail
2 each
T05 Electric Uncoupler
3 each
TR Transition Rails
Join bakelite to fibre 3 pair
Half Curves
2 for 1.50
Quarter rails
1 each
6 for 5
Straight Rails 6 for 1
or Curved Rails 6 for 1

1. 4
4. 4
7. 3
9. 3

Coach Lighting Units
for TTR scale length coaches,
(pick-up shoe not available) 3

TTR Plugs
1 each, 6 for 5
E03 AC Controller
prices 3 to 4

10. SOLD
11. 3
12. 4


E01 AC Controller
pre-war 2

E02 AC Controller
pre-war 2
TTR Switches
Impulse type for uncoupler rail, pre-war points etc. 1.50 each
Used parts: please enquire. I have parts from AC locos including loco weights, reversing coils, loco bodies, tenders, etc. 
A large range of new parts are available from the TTRCA for members. See

How to order

1. To reserve items, please send an email listing your selection
2. I will then email to confirm availability and postage.

3. Items are marked
Reserved until payment is received

4. To print this list click on for a printer-friendly view

Everything is about 70 years old so most items have been used!
Please study the photos and email any questions.

UK: Cheques, online bank transfers, postal orders and Paypal are accepted.
: Paypal preferred, or Euros or by registered post.
USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc. Paypal preferred, or by registered post.

For PAYPAL payments, I will advise how to do this after receiving your order.

To keep costs down for UK buyers I usually send packets Royal Mail second class (uninsured).
Note that the minimum Royal Mail "small parcel" postage is 3 up to 2Kg, so it's better value to order several items in one order. Larger parcels (eg bulk bakelite track orders) are sent either by Royal Mail or by courier.
Overseas buyers: packets under 2Kg are sent Royal Mail. Larger parcels can be sent by Courier.

 If you have not received a reply in 48hrs, please telephone 020 8977 1802
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