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Over the years, several people have contacted me with offers of Trix trains. I rarely buy items now as I have over 100 locos in my collection. It was nice to find missing items or examples in better condition. I have included some of these on the page below. I also repair damaged and scruffy items. The boxful shown below is a good example!

I am happy to advise the value of any Trix items you have. If you wish to donate any Trix items the proceeds from their sale will be given to the Motor Neurone Disease Association, a charity I support. 

Please email, or ring 020 8977 1802.

 If you have not received a reply in 48hrs, please telephone 020 8977 1802

I'm still looking for a 'Nord' loco which was made by Trix for sale in France.


Thanks! Trix models offered to me via the Internet

Coronation set

Here is a smart pre-war Coronation set, in its wooden presentation cabinet. 

BR Green Compound

This loco is a model of a Midland region 'Compound'. Normally, Trix Compounds are either LMS or BR black, or LMS maroon. This one is in BR green livery, which is quite rare. Although the tender transfer is not perfect, the overall condition of the paintwork and lining is very good for a 1953 model. I was very pleased to be able to add this to my collection, thanks to an internet contact.  

Trix Express

20 - 53 loco   

Although most of my collection is Trix Twin, I have acquired a few Trix Express models, as British Trix Twin has a lot in common with German Trix Express. This loco, made around 1938, came all the way from a chap in the USA. Unfortunately, he'd lost the coal tender, so I put out a request for a replacement to the Trix collectors I know, and sure enough one turned up in Germany

Ugly duckling

Electric loco

Here is another German loco that came via the US. It is probably one of the oddest looking things that Trix made, a four-wheel model of an electric engine. These were sold in Britain and Germany - the British versions generally have black wheels. The fake pantographs on the roof were completely wrecked when I got the loco, but these replicas look as good as the originals.  

Meteor 3-car Diesel Express

Here's a Meteor Whistling Diesel Express from 1955 that I received. Although the paintwork is in good order, the internal mechanism required a lot of work. If you look at my Meteor servicing page you will get an idea of the complex internal construction. I have restored the reverser relay, soldered several broken wires, rewound the whistle relay coil, and tried (and failed) to coax a squeak from the whistle. However, the main thing is that the loco now runs well. Please see my Meteor servicing page for more information.

Search and find

So it's thankyou to everyone that has contacted me with offers of dusty Trix from their attics. Please email me if you even have broken old bits and pieces, these can often be used as spares or rebuilt.

 If you have not received a reply in 48hrs, please telephone 020 8977 1802

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