Servicing Britannia and Class V locos.

Dismantling and Oiling

DC loco motor

DC loco brushes
Showing motor brushes

To dismantle the Britannia loco:
a. Remove screw in chimney
b. Remove screw C under cab, first removing the centre shoes and trailing bogie held by screw D.
c. Lift off body
To dismantle Class V loco:
a. Remove screw in chimney
b. Remove screw E (tender towing pin)
c. Lift off body
Oil at points shown, and reassemble in the reverse order. Oil the moving parts of the valve gear very occasionally.

DC loco underside

Replacing Brushes

To replace the brushes which have worn after long use, gently ease back the coil spring G and withdraw brush H.

To insert new brush, the spring should be held back with a stout pin whilst the new brush is carefully inserted into the slot J.

Make sure that the end of coil spring rests in the bend of the brush holder.

Three-rail current pickup

DC loco tender underside

The loco is driven by an electric motor working on 12volts DC supply.

Current is picked up from one of the outer rails by the side collector shoes (A) on the tender and from the centre rail by the centre shoes on the loco.

When two locomotives are being used, note that the side shoes on the tender of one locomotive pick up current from the left hand rail, whilst the other locomotive picks up current from the right hand rail.

To alter the position of the side shoes slacken screws B, then rotate both shoes A to pick up from the other rail. 

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