Trix Express 20/59 Pacific Loco

Trix Express 20/59

The Trix Express Pacific model 20/59 has the same mechanics as the Trix Twin Coronation, Princess, and Scotsman locomotives. It shares the same AC motor, reversing mechanism, wheels, connecting rods, and remote control uncoupler. So although not Trix-Twin, it was the first Trix 4-6-2 scale model loco.

The photo above shows a 20/59 from the early 1950's that I bought in poor condition. Note that the cylinder and valve gear is missing, and also the pony truck.  

Assessing the damage

Trix Express 20/59

The other side of the loco looks slightly better, but the cylinder has been affected by the usual metal fatigue, or 'zinc pest', that is common in early 1950's Trix models.


Trix Express 20/59

Testing the loco revealed that it runs, however the wheels show some cracks. The missing pony truck connects to the black wire just visible between the rear wheels. This wire carries current from the tender collector shoes to the loco motor. The other collector shoes should be fixed in the centre channel between the main driving wheels. 


Trix Express 20/59

The matt black paintwork is in reasonable condition, and it should be fairly easy to retouch scratches. Luckily, German locos have no lining or transfers to replace, although it makes for rather a dull model. 

New parts

spares pony truck spares cylinders

On the left is the replacement Pony Truck, complete with wheels and tender connection prior to painting. The Pony Trucks on Trix Pacific locos are very susceptible to metal fatigue, this one is a new white metal casting. On the right are the cylinder castings.

Ready to run

Trix Express 20/59

Here is the loco after painting and fitting the new parts. The matt black and red are Revell paints. The red is a good match, although the black on the cylinders is too dull. A few greasy fingermarks should help! The connecting wire and plug between the tender and loco was replaced with a wire and plug from a 1950's TTR coach lighting set.

Connecting rods and valve gear

Trix Express 20/59

Although the replacement valve gear is shiny new metal, it doesn't look out of place. The connecting rods are the originals and match the new parts well. 

Trix spare parts

Trix Express 20/59

The valvegear assembly is hand made by a member of the TTRCA, and is supplied with a small rivet to attach to the top of the cylinder slide bar. The castings are made by a German TTRCA member, who specialises in Trix Express parts. Information about Trix spares is provided if you become a TTRCA member too.    

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