Trix Whistling Accessories

1. Whistling Coach

Whistling coach and control box The Trix Train Whistle Set No 274 comprises a parcels coach in BR red livery, a whistle control box, two lineside whistle boards, and wire and instructions.

The parcels coach contains a whistle unit and relay. The whistle is a vibrating diaphragm (rather like a buzzer) that is adjusted by a small screw in the end of the coach.                                            

The control box is connected as per the diagram below. Operating the lever on the box switches the whistle on and off.

Connections for whistling coach control box

2. Whistling Signal Box

The Trix Whistling Signal Box No 276 contains the same type of whistle unit as the Parcels Coach described above. The top of the unit is removable, enabling access to the whistle for adjustment. Take care not to overtighten the adjusting screw - only a fraction of a turn is generally needed to alter the sound of the whistle from a gurgle to a screech.

The terminal block has connections for the whistle and also for the interior lighting bulb, which can be accessed by removing the roof.

signal box wiring

signal box wiring

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